At De Lage Raam you can have a meeting ‘on the moor’ in a peaceful environment, with a view of the lands. Except for a short meeting or gathering, you can also gather for a full day or even multiple days, including overnight stays.



Good Wi-Fi and a beautiful view

In the accommodation, there is sufficient space to gather with a large group, or split up into smaller groups to gather in four separate spaces. The Wi-Fi connection is good everywhere on the terrain. There are also other meeting facilities such as a beamer, whiteboard and a flip-over.


During the meeting you can always get tea, coffee and cookies. Upon request, we can also stock the fridge with soda or other refreshments. We also offer the option of a complete lunch (for example with soup, sandwiches or salad). Dinner or other needs for food and drink can also be discussed. Of course you may also use the present facilities, such as two fully equipped kitchens with ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and freezers.


Teambuilding workshops

Aside from meetings, our two living rooms with kitchens and the mezzanine are also suitable for other gatherings such as teambuilding, workshops, trainings or a reception. You can always ask about the options.