The full accommodation offers room to 28 persons. In consultation, another bed can be added for a guest younger than 3, by putting up a camp bed. If necessary, there are also high chairs available. During your stay, the complete accommodation will be at your disposal, including the living room and the residence room, each with a fully furnished kitchen. The building contains a large mezzanine, furnished as a recreational space. There is a terrace with overhang where you can smoke or sit in the shade, if the sun is too bright. If you want to come with a smaller group, you can consult us about availability and possible price agreements.




You can relax in one of the peaceful bedrooms. These bedrooms contain four luxurious single boxsprings which can be compared to the type of beds they offer at Van der Valk Hotels. The temperature in the bedrooms is pleasant, and there are obscurant curtains. You can spend some nice time together, and still have enough privacy and peace because of the mezzanine and beds upstairs. Every room has its own luxurious bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. There are also two separate bedrooms upstairs with more privacy, because these rooms only contain two beds. One of the bedrooms has a bathroom for disabled persons. The living room and the residence room don't have thresholds.


Standard room

This room offers space to a maximum of four persons. This room offers two beds downstairs and two beds upstairs. The room has its own bathroom, with shower, toilet and sink.




Room for disabled people

This room has all the same comforts as the other rooms, but no thresholds and with an adjusted bathroom including shower, toilet and sink. It offers space for two people and can be accessed via the fixed staircase.


Attic room

There are two bedrooms with their own separate stairs, with two boxsprings and a roof window offering a view of the stars. There is a toilet at the bottom of the stairs.






This spacious, light living room offers seats for many people. There are two long tables with 28 chairs, so you can eat together. Aside from that, there are two separate sitting corners with couches and armchairs so you can relax. There are games and books and there is a TV. In the big rural kitchen you will find an oven, a microwave, a freezer, two refrigerators and a large induction cooker. There are also coffee machines, water boilers, a table grill and a household mixer. There are sufficient cutlery, plates and pans and for the little ones there is plastic tableware.



Above the large living room you can climb up to a large mezzanine (with balustrade) with the fixed staircase. This multifunctional space can be used for meetings, but also to “chill”. It has a beamer, flip-over and whiteboard, but there are also bean bags and a TV.

Residence room

This extra room has been furnished to offer space for 10 - 12 persons. This room also contains a sitting corner for relaxation and a beautiful large table where you can have dinner or play games. This room is also very suitable for adolescents or children, to withdraw and play to their hearts' content.


If you are throwing a wedding party and want to have all the guests stay the night and have breakfast with you the next morning, we'd love to think along with you. Or we can clear the large living room for a party, or you can rent the accommodation for a BBQ during week days.